Kremlin and Red square

From a gastronomic point of view, the center of Moscow is an ideal place. There are so many restaurants near red square, cafes and bars, eateries and gastropubs that you have time to choose — for every taste and budget. And there is a Brasserie that has no analogues in Moscow — Lambic in Bolshoy Cherkassky lane.

A beer card for more than two hundred positions, made up of different types of beer, a verified menu of the best dishes of European cuisine, a pleasant interior-Lambic is not a cast from the Brussels Brasserie, not a copy, but an authentic institution. Where everything is as it should be: beer is served with a pot of mussels in various sauces, desserts include Belgian waffles, and among the hot dishes you can find lamb in Liege with potatoes.

And most importantly — despite the variety of restaurants near the Kremlin, you are unlikely to find a place where the range of beer will be more impressive. One ale in Lambic is enough for a decent tasting — and light, and dark Abbey, and Flemish red, and brown, and even triple — fermented ale on three cereals. Not to mention lambic, stout, Trappist and other styles that are both bottled and bottled.

Beer is the basis of the Lambic concept: here it is put at the forefront, supplemented with suitable snacks, adhering to the Belgian traditions not in words, but in deeds. If you want to get into a real Brussels Brasserie, you don’t have to fly to another country. You can just come to the center of Moscow and choose Lambic among all the restaurants near red square.