Where to spend a business lunch in the Kitay-Gorod or Lubyanka area? Where to go for lunch if you happen to be near Nikolskaya or Bolshoy Cherkassky? For those who do not want to Google for a long time or act at random, Lambic is the ideal option.


If there was a competition for the title of the best business lunch in the Nikolskaya district, Lambic would have all the chances to win. After all, Brasserie knows a lot about business Lunches. Guests are served sorrel soup with egg, steak with potatoes and homemade cottage cheese pie. From comfort food in the form of noodle soup with meatballs to seasonal beetroot carpaccio with cheese mousse, the menu has options for every taste.


The business lunch itself is based on the constructor principle. You can order soup or salad with hot for 690 rubles or all three dishes at once for 790 rubles. What to choose depends on you. You want a salad with squid and vegetables and pike perch fillet with mashed potatoes, and you want a salad with spicy chicken, Spanish soup with sausages and Turkey steak with vegetables. All these are delicious examples: the menu itself is updated every week, without repeating itself.

It doesn’t matter if you need to hold an important meeting for a business lunch in the Lubyanka area or have a quick snack during a work break — in any case, you will feel comfortable and delicious in Lambic.