Beer and a pot of mussels — a classic Brussels Duo, a gastronomic attraction in Belgium. But in Moscow, it is still not so easy to find a place where both seashells and beer will be at the same level. However, if you are interested in where to eat mussels, we know the answer: at the Lambic Brasserie in Bolshoy Cherkassky.


Our menu includes five types of the best mussels in Moscow — according to the flattering opinion of our guests. We cook the shells in tomato sauce, sauce béarnaise, bisque and Roquefort. A kilogram will cost you 2,400 rubles, and 500 grams — 1,400 rubles. In addition, we bake mussels with cheese and give them for 690 rubles.


When serving with mussels, the freshest baguette and French fries are supposed, and a glass of your favorite beer is strictly recommended. Fortunately, there is a lot to choose from — there are all sorts of options on the map, from cherry Creek to light unfiltered. And if you are concerned about food peering, our beer sommeliers will be happy to tell you how to combine your favorite mussels with beer. And the question of where to eat mussels in Moscow will be resolved once and for all.