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Celebrate an anniversary in a restaurant

Date: 18 Апреля 2019

You can celebrate the anniversary in a restaurant on a Grand scale and for reasonable money. Anniversary is an important event in the life of not only the birthday boy, but also his relatives. I want this day to be special and leave pleasant memories. Not everyone has the opportunity to arrange a Grand celebration at home: inviting 20-30 people to an apartment is not the best idea. And the rhythm of life does not always allow us to properly prepare for a special event: we often do not have enough time to beautifully decorate the space or prepare a varied table for a large company.

Therefore, it is often easier and more profitable to celebrate an anniversary in a restaurant.

Many establishments offer special conditions for anniversaries and their guests. For example, the Brasserie Lambic chain provides a 15% discount to birthday parties who decide to celebrate their anniversary in a restaurant.

In addition, you can come to restaurants with your own alcohol: the cork fee will be 800 rubles.

Brasserie Lambic staff will help you organize your dream holiday: invite a DJ or cover band, help you create a Banquet menu that takes into account the wishes of each guest. You will also be able to order dishes from the main menu. The average check per person-from 2000 rubles. An animator can be arranged for children.

Our restaurant

Brasserie Lambic is a chain of 9 restaurants located near the metro in the center of Moscow. The layout of Lambic restaurants allows you to arrange a Banquet for a different number of guests. You can find out the details and conditions of the Banquet by contacting our managers by phone.

Brasserie Lambic on Mira Ave.: two halls for 50 and 60 guests
Phone:(495) 432-09-90

Brasserie Lambic on Dolgorukovskaya: two halls for 50 and 60 guests
Phone: (495) 432-09-90

Brasserie Lambic on Vorontsovo pole: one hall for 80 guests
Phone: (495) 432-09-90

Brasserie Lambic on Myasnitskaya: two halls for 35 and 100 guests
Phone: (495) 432-09-90

Brasserie Lambic on Bolshaya Ordynka: the first hall with zones for 15, 25 and 40 guests and the second hall for 75 guests
Phone: (495) 432-09-90

Brasserie Lambic on Neverovsky: two halls for 20 and 75 guests
Phone: (495) 432-09-90

Brasserie Lambic on Taganka: three halls for 18, 20 and 12 guests
Phone: (495) 432-09-90

Brasserie Lambic on Arbatskaya: three halls for 45, 40 and 40 guests
Phone: (495) 432-09-90

Brasserie Lambic on Pushkinskaya: two halls for 55 and 30 guests
Phone: (495) 432-09-90

Brasserie Lambic on Bolshoy Cherkassky: one hall for 70 guests
Phone: (495) 432-09-90

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