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Women's Day in Lambic!

Date: 04 Марта 2021

The team of the Brasserie Lambic restaurant chain congratulates the lovely ladies on March 8.

On this beautiful day, we will treat the girls to a glass of St. Louis Premium Kriek * beer-a fruit lambic, with a sourness and a slight taste of almonds, which emerges from the cherry seeds. Beer is great as an independent drink and in combination with new dishes, such as baked camembert with truffle paste and ciabatta, as well as with live mussels. What is this, if not a great reason to get back together in Lambic and have a great time in our pleasant company!

* The offer is valid when ordering any dish from the following categories: meat, poultry, fish; salads; grilled; soups; live mussels; Belshie potato waffles.

Table reservations: +7 (495) 432-09-90 or by using the booking form on the website.
Welcome to Lambic on International Women’s Day!

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