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Autumn new items in Beer Atlas!

Date: 15 Июля 2020

We have updated Beer Atlas of the Brasserie Lambic chain, and in a few days you will be able to evaluate the work done. The updated guide to beer from all over the world has been updated with new sections and an expanded geography of the presented beer, which will please you this season.

You asked — we did! Added classic German wheat ale Schneider Tap6 from the oldest Bavarian brewery. Its rich taste and strength provide this beer with a unique, strong character. This wheat side is completely devoid of alcoholism: it is drunk gently and refreshingly. And also introduced a strong warming dark ale Triporteur Full Moon, made from a special kind of malt BOM Full Moon, which is roasted only during the full moon.

We also put a new cherry on tap: light sweet St. Louis Premium Kriek, strong and dense Petrus Aged Red. The first is made on the basis of lambic, where a quarter is cherry juice, which was infused in GEZ for six months. Very fruity, with a sourness and a slight taste of almonds, which emerges from the cherry seeds. The second is a luxurious cherry beer, which is aged in oak barrels in a special way, giving the beer an exquisite slightly dry taste.

And according to the long-standing traditions of Northern Europe, an integral part of the Christmas holidays is the use of Christmas beer, we supported the tradition and added bottled beer:
St-Feuillien Cuvée de Noël — a fragrant, rich and dense strong ale, which is brewed annually in the run-up to Christmas.
Samuel Smith’s Winter — every year the label is dedicated to a significant event and is drawn by hand by an artist. The full body is the result of fermentation in Yorkshire cubes, and the rich malt flavor that most people like is balanced by the addition of Fagle and Golding hops. Delirium Christmas — this is a Christmas variety from the Delirium line, a mixture of aromatic herbs is added to it during production.

New items will gradually appear on taps in all restaurants over the next week!

Welcome to visit!

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